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and difficult.

Emvico is an IT consultancy company, providing some of the most experienced and skilled IT competencies in Sweden.

We are best used for important and complex IT projects with much at stake. There are many projects which anyone can do … so let anyone do them.

Emvico consist of a small but highly experienced team of system architects and developers as well as program or project management. If required, we will scale our team with our Ukrainian long-time partner.


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Our primary solution is the one which we develop for or re-design with you, meaning that we build a custom-designed, scalable and future-proof solution which suits your business need. When needed or required, we will work with any standard platform or product to deliver the best solution for you short as well as long-term. 

We have worked with and are comfortable with many platforms and products within CMS, e-commerce, product information management (PIM) etc. But with highly skilled technical people, the playing field is a bit different. So whatever you need to handle, we will be able to solve.


We find creative solutions


We help you with your very important problem or that need with great potential!

We prefer to work as a team and provide a foundation in senior technical and management leadership, executed with the body of skilled and professional developers. 


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About us

Emvico was started in 2014 by senior architects and developers Rickard Falk and Fredrik Andersson together with senior manager Fredrik Lundkvist. Having worked together at Sigma/Nexus (the largest IT company in Sweden) in senior technical and manager roles, the trio decided to start Emvico to be able to engage in the projects of choice.

Emvico remain a small, senior core team today and is very careful in choosing which project and customer to engage with. To provide a combination of senior competency and “given success” with a large, flexible, and cost-efficient delivery organization, Emvico work with long-time near-shore partners in Ukraine.


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