”Impressive high throughput in value creation”

Jun 17, 2024

Last Friday was a wonderful day for us at Emvico. We had just completed an important milestone with our customer DSTNY in bringing yet another new version of the Product to production update ready status. It had been months of focus, where the milestone before the summer was not obvious at any time given the large and complex content of this version.

The same Friday, we had written statements from the CTO and Senior Director Customer Success. Below is some of what was written and it makes us very happy for all individuals as a team as a company, who are constantly trying to live up to our own high standards of what we should mean to customers:

”Throughout this journey, you have exemplified the perfect balance between innovation and reliability. By integrating rigorous testing, security checks, and leveraging DevOps practices, you have ensured that every feature delivered is not only valuable but also robust and secure.”

“The impressive high throughput in value creation speaks volumes about your strategic planning, teamwork, and agile mindset.”

“Your efforts have not only transformed our technology stack but also reinforced our reputation for delivering top-notch, secure, and high-quality solutions.”

We also know that this delivery was an important step in meeting the expectations of some very important partners to the customer, whose successful onboarding into the Product hopefully means big and important steps for DSTNY in its journey.

This is where we want to be ... having a lot of responsibility, high expectations of us, and performing a job that has great strategic importance for our customers.

We end with the words from Kristian Karlsson - Product Manager DSTNY and with whom we have worked closely for many years. When the customer succeeds, then we succeed. When the individuals we work with and for are successful, then we are satisfied. Because everything is about people.

”The effort and dedication shown by you guys for this and past releases are nothing short of extraordinary. The scope of this release was vast, and to be honest, it seemed like an impossible task at times. … through commitment and relentless hard work, we have achieved our biggest release ever, both in terms of content and the exciting new functionalities we are bringing to our customers. … To meet deadlines with quality and great functionality is what has given us such good reputation today and that is super.”