Summary of experiences from the Alpine WC in Åre 2019 with Geztio Apps

Apr 23, 2024

In 2019, Geztio had to deliver the mobile app to the Alpine WC in Åre. In a post on, Lars-Börje "Bulan" Eriksson summarizes his experiences from the event.

Geztio delivered an innovative app solution for the Alpine WC in Åre 2019 - Geztio

Short excerpt from the post:

"Geztio delivered the official app and collected content from about 10 different channels and brought together the event and the destination's offer in a common channel that simplified the experience for the visitor and the fans in front of the TV. The results were remarkable.

The app was placed during the event in first place in Google Play under the category "Event"

From the VM company's perspective, we also summarized what could be done better to drive even greater revenue through Geztio's platform:

  • Being able to show the app before the event is crucial for sponsor & ad sales.
  • Data is needed to justify pricing.
  • Being able to sell well in advance is crucial to getting bigger advertising deals.
  • Paketeringen är nyckeln till intäkter:
    • Aktiveringar – kan attrahera intäkter från sponsorer
    • Exponering – kan generera större intäkter från mediabudgetar
    • Sponsorrättigheter – kan ge mycket stora intäkter
  • Marketing the event is critical to driving downloads.
  • The app generated very high usage and engagement.
  • “Mobile only” is the future!”