Senaste nyheterna

All-in customer relations
Heltäckande kundrelationer

Vi var glada att få bjuda in några av våra kollegor från Ukraina till en vecka för att träffa kunder. Workshops, kickoffs och kundbesök samt sociala aktiviteter var temat för veckan.

New premises in Solna inaugurated
Nya lokaler i Solna invigda

We thank everyone who came to mingle with us as we inaugurated our new premises on Förrådsgatan in Solna on Friday 9 September. We will feel at home here, and look forward to inviting you to more social gatherings and events, where our customers and colleagues can...

Sebastian new developer at Emvico
Sebastian ny utvecklare på Emvico

We are very happy to welcome Sebastian Junhem as a new developer to Emvico. Sebastian most recently came from a job as a developer at Peribon and will start at Emvico in August. Sebastian showed good ability, understanding and interest in the problem-solving...

Emvico begins collaboration with Marine Jet Power
Emvico inleder samarbete med Marine Jet Power

During the spring, Emvico and Marine Jet Power (MJP) worked to identify opportunities for improved operational efficiency in the aftermarket process. The work has focused on how digitization can support improved processes related to service and maintenance. "MJP is a...

All-in customer relations
Vi är ETT med Ukraina

We at Emvico have the technical capacity to build most types of systems. We are not looking for a specific industry, we are not religiously obsessed with a specific technology and we do not invest heavily in a specific product or platform. We are looking for customers...

Uppsala City signs agreement for OVERBLIQ
Uppsala City tecknar avtal om OVERBLIQ

Uppsala City has signed an agreement to use OVERBLIQ as a web and mobile platform. "We have a history and staff presence in Uppsala and the collaboration with Uppsala City is thus not only important for our strategy with, and investments in OVERBLIQ for the future....

Stockholm International Fairs new customer for Emvico at OVERBLIQ
Stockholmsmässan ny kund till Emvico på OVERBLIQ

Emvico is pleased to welcome Stockholm International Fairs as a new customer through the agreement signed by the parties on the use of the OVERBLIQ platform. It's for their Allt För Sjön event and associated services, and also for development and support around the...

Emvico starts the new company OQ Software AB to invest in OVERBLIQ
Emvico startar nya bolaget OQ Software AB för satsning på OVERBLIQ

In November, Emvico AB bought the OVERBLIQ platform. The company OQ Software AB is now being started, where investment into the platform will be driven. "We are in the process of signing agreements with existing customers for OVERBLIQ and that takes most of our focus....

Emvico and KRAV start collaboration
Emvico och KRAV påbörjar samarbete

Emvico - through its subsidiary OQ Software AB - has signed an agreement with KRAV regarding maintenance, management and further development of KRAV's Rules Book, which is administered and delivered using Emvico's recently acquired platform OVERBLIQ. "We look forward...