When it is really important to you

“Emvico’s senior developers and architects have come to understand our business and business logic in depth, and as a partner in our important journey to replace strategic systems to be able to develop our business.”

Our focus is to provide senior high-end expertise for customized software development, where complex solutions that create competitive advantages are the focus.

Our combination of senior expertise in management, architecture and development, with long and proven experience in bringing in and making impact of international development capacity, is paired with our willingness to work in close partnership with our customers.

“Emvico has shown great commitment and worked very closely with our own organization in a solution-oriented collaboration and always did the extra when needed.”

We also own and develop solutions and brands towards specific purposes and industries, such as Emvico Fleet Hub for manufacturers, OVERBLIQ CMS, and Geztio. Read more under Solutions.


Customized solutions for your business needs
Our focus is to build custom-designed, scalable and future-proof solution which suits your business need. When needed orsuitable, we will work with any standard platform or product to deliver the best solution for you short as well as long-term.

Multichannel CMS with OVERBLIQ
For those organizations which need a web and mobile content management system where ones own organization as well as partners/customers easily can edit applicable pages, we offer our own OVERBLIQ. See www.overbliq.com for more information.

Geztio Digital Platform for Events & Destinations
We offer events such as sport events and fairs plus tourism destinations to create a seamless customer experience in web and app with Geztio CMS as well as packaging offerings for higher revenues with our Geztio Marketplace. See www.gezt.io for more information.


We help you with your very important problem or that need with great potential!

We prefer to work as a team and provide a foundation in senior technical and management leadership, executed with the body of skilled and professional developers. 

About us

Emvico was started in 2014 by senior architects and developers Rickard Falk and Fredrik Andersson together with senior manager Fredrik Lundkvist. Having worked together at Sigma/Nexus (the largest IT company in Sweden) in senior technical and manager roles, the trio decided to start Emvico to be able to engage in the projects of choice.

To provide a combination of senior competency and “given success” with a large, flexible, and cost-efficient delivery organization, Emvico work with long-time near-shore partners in Ukraine and Poland.



Fredrik Lundkvist

Fredrik Lundkvist

Grundare & VD

Fredrik Lundkvist arbetade tidigare som bland annat VD inom det som idag är Nexer.

Rickard Falk

Rickard Falk

Grundare & Sr Arkitekt

Rickard Falk var tidigare Chefsarkitekt inom det som idag är Nexer.

Fredrik Andersson

Fredrik Andersson

Grundare & Sr Arkitekt

Fredrik Andersson arbetade tidigare som Sr Arkitekt och ansvarig för plattformar inom Det som idag är Nexer.

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