When it is really important to you

We work with offensive IT. We are looking for customers where we can make your business goals ours. Where we can design and build what will make you as a customer the winner. It's our DNA.

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Customized solutions for your business needs

Our focus is to build custom-designed, scalable and future-proof solution which suits your business need. When needed or suitable, we will work with any standard platform or product to deliver the best solution for you short as well as long-term.


Tap into your aftermarket

Fleet Hub is a platform built on a modern and flexible tech stack, aimed at providing manufacturing companies with a modern solution supporting both inhouse and field personnel in handling the installed base, their reactive and proactive services, and to be efficient in spare parts sales.

Geztio Digital Platform for Events & Destinations

We offer events such as sport events and fairs plus tourism destinations to create a seamless customer experience in web and app with Geztio CMS as well as packaging offerings for higher revenues with our Geztio Marketplace.

Knowledge graph derived from Freebase, Wikipedia, and the Web

We sit on the data which Google bought from Freebase in 2016 and later hastily took down from public access to drive what is today their AI. But what we have is much better than what Google purchased.

Multichannel CMS with OVERBLIQ

For those organizations which need a web and mobile content management system where ones own organization as well as partners/customers easily can edit applicable pages, we offer our own OVERBLIQ.

Create, distribute and maintain dynamic digital documents

WorkDOQ is a CMS for you who want to be able to easily create, maintain and distribute your documents digitally via web and apps in a smooth flow.

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Recent news