Development of critical operating systems for Soluno

Jun 1, 2021

Over the past year, Emvico has developed even more of its collaboration with Soluno as the company has developed the new billing platform for Soluno. Together with Emvico previously developing Soluno’s self-service portal for its own and reseller customers, the strategic cooperation between the companies has been further strengthened, where Emvico’s mixed delivery of senior, Swedish resources along with cost-effective cutting-edge expertise from Ukraine has been very successful for Soluno.

During 2018-2019, Emvico developed Soluno’s self-service portal – MyAdmin – for Soluno. The investment was a key part in enabling scalable growth and increased service for Soluno’s own, and important customers of their resellers.

At the beginning of 2020, Emvico had the opportunity to add expertise to develop Soluno’s new billing system. A project with the task of migrating their telephone platform, so the development of a new billing, routing and MVNO system was started, with a sharp deadline in February 2021. Together, a team with project management and development resources from Emvico and Soluno, succeeded with the goal of redirecting and managing the flow of traffic and calculations all the way from calls to the correct invoice, before February 1st this year. The work continues during the year with continuous improvements and with this new platform, Soluno has the opportunity to flexibly support its important strategy around resellers in an increasingly international business.

Emvico delivered for the project a team with both senior Swedish project management, and development expanded with resources from Ukraine. The team was set up in parallel with ongoing management and further development of MyAdmin and other internal add-on products. The combination of high business understanding and close communication around governance and technology along with Soluno’s organization, with structured and cost-effective development was successful, stated the Soluno board in Spring 2020, saying that “…we have seen a number of positive effects. These include lower and more adaptable development costs, higher quality and faster development rates. “

“Emvico’s very senior developers and architects have come to understand our business and business logic in depth, and as a partner in our important journey to replace strategic systems to be able to develop our business, Emvico has been invaluable. Emvico has shown great commitment and worked very closely with our own organization in a solution-oriented collaboration and always did the extra when needed. We get the best of both worlds in Swedish senior competence in planning, management, and the complex parts of our development together with cost efficiency, as Emvico delivers nearshore development as part of its team. ”

– Kristian Karlsson, Product Manager, Soluno.

About Soluno
Soluno focuses on corporate customers and has telephony solutions that suit both large and small companies, and offers exchange services, operator agreements and hardware in one place.

About Emvico
Emvico is a small consulting company with senior development, architecture and project management that is combined with efficient nearshore development for larger commitments.