We are ONE with Ukraine

May 13, 2022

We at Emvico have the technical capacity to build most types of systems. We are not looking for a specific industry, we are not religiously obsessed with a specific technology and we do not invest heavily in a specific product or platform. We are looking for customers where we can make a difference. Where we must be close enough to understand what really creates success today and tomorrow. We want to be in that environment and that is where we invest our energy.

Emvico is a small company, but in order to be able to deliver in larger environments, we have been using our partner Sigma Software in Ukraine for many years. We have known them since our time at Sigma and know what it is like to work with developers in Ukraine. We know that it is almost only language that separates us in thought and action.

For several years we have built a close relationship and collaboration with a team of today almost ten people in Ukraine. Developers, from junior to senior. They are a part of us. They are our team. In recent years, we have also invested a lot of energy in making a difference at Dstny – a company in telecom that is a European leader in cloud-based telephony and communication to the corporate market. We have built a self-service portal, billing system and plugins for MS Teams. We have done it close to our customer and their employees. The pace is often high at this innovative and very ambitious company, which since the summer of 2021 has clearly received many pieces of the puzzle in a major investment where IP and software are at the center. In this investment, the systems we have built are important. We are important for their strategy and they have invited us to understand and thus also feel for it. Their success is ours.

Before 2022, the roadmap for the first half of the year was obviously tough. The systems were prepared to become software as a service, delivered centrally in the heart of Dstny in order to be able to offer partners, resellers and customers, a modern and efficient delivery of communication solutions together with the exchange platform.

Even before Russia’s invasion, jobs and deadlines were tough. One Thursday morning we woke up to what no one thought would happen. But we were prepared anyway and contingency plans were implemented with force. We got half of our friends out of Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine in the morning. In Lliv in western Ukraine, apartments and hotels waited, before taking them and their families over to Poland. Half of our employees remained in Kharkiv, supporting their families among other things. The borders were closed quickly and the War turned out to beat even the best contingency plans in reality.

This was followed by days and weeks of worry and focus on life and health before delivery. Our customer – Dstny – repeatedly pointed out that some things were more important than others, and their flexibility and attitude will not be forgotten. But despite their and our own clear message, that the employees could and should rest, they appeared on screen after a few days. All of them. Ready to work. Ready to deliver. They wanted to think of something else. They wanted to serve their country the way they could. And they felt loyal to the project. “It’s the only thing I have left, our project,” said one of them after a few days. They got to work. And they’re still working. We are flexible. They can work whenever they want, take time off whenever they want, run away for volunteer work whenever they want, etc. But they are struggling, day after day.

Emvico wants to be a company that can make a difference and take on projects and assignments where we get to work close to the customer, and be part of the journey. This embodies our Ukrainian friends day after day and on Monday, May 2, we had a great delivery and deadline that we managed to meet after all. So when the customer writes below to us, we feel that Emvico is and acts in the way we wanted, and in Ukraine there is a big reason for that.

“I’m so impressed of your hard work and commitment together with the result. You always deliver no matter what circumstances are changed through time.”

/ Fredrik Lundkvist