Emvico and KRAV start collaboration

nov 30, 2021

Emvico – through its subsidiary OQ Software AB – has signed an agreement with KRAV regarding maintenance, management and further development of KRAV’s Rules Book, which is administered and delivered using Emvico’s recently acquired platform OVERBLIQ.

”We look forward to working with KRAV to create even more value from KRAV’s digital rulebook. With our purchase of the OVERBLIQ platform, it is important to be able to support existing customers on their continued journey with the platform, and KRAV is a very important customer for us on our own journey with OVERBLIQ ”, says Fredrik Lundkvist, CEO of Emvico.

The KRAV label is Sweden’s most famous ecolabel for food. The label has been around since 1985 and has become an obvious symbol of sustainability, biodiversity and animal care. The rules for labeling are developed by KRAV, an economic association owned by its members, committed representatives from the food industry.

For more information about OVERBLIQ, see www.overbliq.com