Emvico buys the OVERBLIQ platform

nov 23, 2021

As of November 23, 2021, Emvico owns the rights to the platform and the OVERBLIQ brand.

OVERBLIQ can be described as a CMS for mobile apps that makes it possible to let the customer start producing content in apps themselves almost immediately after ordering. OVERBLIQ’s backend is made available via API and the mobile applications thus have a connection to OVERBLIQ which handles the content and structure of both the mobile apps and the web and to an editable editor interface and admin interface. Read more about OVERBLIQ at http://overbliq.com .

Emvico will initially ensure that existing customers at OVERBLIQ are offered continued stable delivery and support. In parallel, new possibilities are being explored with the platform, where the fast and flexible set-up of a mobile and web channel with content easily created and curated by non-technical editors enables use in many areas.

Contact Fredrik Lundkvist via fredrik.lundkvist@emvico.se for more information.