Fleet Hub is a platform built on a modern and flexible technology stack that aims to provide manufacturing companies with a modern solution. It supports both in-house and field personnel in managing the installed base, their reactive and proactive services, and to be efficient in selling spare parts.

Overall characteristics of a suitable manufacturer for Fleet Hub are:

  • Manufacturing of products with a demand for service and maintenance over a longer period of time
  • A need to keep track of the installed base, including service schedules and an updated parts list for the specific product at the customer
  • Inhouse personnel who require having access to all product related information for effective management of reactive and proactive service and maintenance
  • Field personnel, such as mechanics, who need to be able to bring their planned service into the field to work with the checklist and updating of parts inventory easily
  • Oftentimes an extended service organization including service partners, in need of the same system abilities for inhouse and field personnel, but for the customers they “own”

Common situations in aftermarket phases:

  • Low control of product data per customer
  • Analogue, or low data, work inhouse and in the field
  • Reactive maintenance difficult and dependent on individuals at the customer side, service provider or in the own organization
  • No overview over the status of the product and service schedule status
  • The ERP system is intended to support all aspects of aftermarket but the reality of an oftentimes old, static, and inflexible ERP system means that using it is mostly impossible in theory
  • Often a quite low % of possible after market sales realized

The overall purpose of Fleet Hub is to establish control and increase data quality in the aftermarket, and to increase profitability by unlocking the lost aftermarket services and spare parts sales.

Fleet Hub was developed in cooperation with Marine Jet Power (www.marinejetpower.com), a world leading manufacturer of water jet engines.