Our digital platform Geztio is built and delivered for:

  • Events that want to create good customer experiences and optimize revenue.
  • Tourist destinations that want to attract and deliver maximum value to visitors and local/regional traders.

Who is Geztio suitable for?

  • Municipalities, cities or other destination actors who want to profile themselves collectively for residents and visitors in the web and mobile app, as well as enable local/regional businesses, associations and the public sector, to package and sell their services.
  • Companies/organizations that run recurring or once-in-a-life-time events and want to gather a unified experience with information, dialogue and offer where visitors as well as organizers and partners meet.
  • Associations/clubs that want to create a sustainable and valuable relationship with their members and fans. Where information as well as unique content is offered to members/fans together with the association/club being able to package offers from local or regional actors and sponsors (or own merchandise) and sell it with new/increased revenue streams as a result.

Learn more at www.gezt.io

Geztio is operated under the company Destination Technology Sweden AB.

Together with us on this journey, with the mission to create more successful events and destinations in Sweden, the Nordics and then the world, is Lars-Börje ”Bulan” Eriksson, Olympic bronze medalist Super-G.