CMS for mobile apps

Launching a new mobile application can be a tedious and costly process that usually suits companies with large resources.

With OVERBLIQ, you save both time and money as most of the work in a normal development project is already done – from managing content, to delivering both functions and content in mobile apps and the web.

Creating and launching an app with OVERBLIQ™ takes anywhere from a couple of hours to a few months, depending on the scope of the project. If you choose to use the ready-made templates and only make simple graphical additions, you’ll be done in a day. While an enterprise app with special functions and integrations to other systems takes a long time.

No matter what you build, you’ll save thousands of hours and development costs, then be ready for hundreds of thousands of downloads once your app launches.

App or web? You don’t have to choose. OVERBLIQ™ is an “app-first” platform for iOS and Android, but the same content is available when using the built-in web templates.

OVERBLIQ™ is the engine used in our offers WorkDOQ as well as Geztio (

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