Experiences within all aspects

Having had roles as Chief Architect, Lead Developer etc, we have through the years accumulated a wide range of experiences working with high-end brands and complex projects.

Global operation and SLA for H&M

Development, implementation and setup of infrastructure and management/support for H&M’s multi-channel solution, that handled SMS and email related to all e-commerce and mail order in 75 countries. High demands on availability with 24/7 application SLA.

Deadline & ansvarstagande för DSTNY

Within eleven months, two developers developed a new routing and billing system that would replace the existing one which had 15 years of development behind it – against a very tight deadline. Hundreds of thousands of subscriptions were ported and started along with all correct traffic and data calculations on the their set dates.

PCI-certifiering för Swedbank

Technically responsible and implementer of measures/setup/config for Swedbank’s BART, which during testing and certification led to the judgment ”One of the best implementations we have ever seen” from the certification issuer.

Uniform customer journey in an international environment for TUI

Strategy and architecture for TUI’s innovative customer journey with information and two-way communication before, during and after the trip.

E-commerce for Rusta, Haléns, Office Depot, etc

Technical lead in projects to build e-commerce sites with associated process support for a number of Swedish brands.

PIM for New Wave Group, Haléns and others

Expert/Tech lead on PIM implementations to power multi-channel strategy with web, e-commerce, mobile and catalog.

Maximum performance for SF Bio

Tech lead for what was then SF Bio:s web, where the demand on concurrency and performance for peak days, such as Boxing Day, were the toughest there was.

Maximum availability for Fortum

Implementation and infrastructure/operation/SLA for Fortum’s information solution,connected to the electricity grid, where disturbances, interruptions and action status are collected in a secure system with maximum availability.

Strategikonsult för världsledande techbolag

Seniort konsultstöd för ThermoCalcs ledning som resulterade i en ny organisationsstruktur, en remote first-strategi för rekrytering, införande av produktägare (project management), skapande av Must Win Battles/strategi och en 2030-vision för att möta existentiella risker mm.