Klövern extends the benefit of OVERBLIQ

Mar 23, 2023

The real estate company Klövern uses OVERBLIQ CMS to offer tenants and visitors to Uppsala Business Park information and news about the area and its operations.

With OVERBLIQ, Klövern creates and edits content that flows directly into the web as well as mobile apps. OVERBLIQ has also been enhanced with push notifications, where Klövern can easily create a message with a title and link to a page in OVERBLIQ, that is sent out to users of the mobile app.

This gives the opportunity to send out important news of specific content in a controlled way, where the risk of spamming with general subscriptions, or only automated push notifications, is overcome.

Read more about OVERBLIQ CMS at www.overbliq.com
Read more about Uppsala Business Park www.uppsalabusinesspark.se